What ingredients do you use?


All our dishes are made with plants: vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, and legumes, spices, herbs, and seasonings.  All our recipes are oil-free, 100% plant-based. These meals are crazy healthy and not just for vegans or vegetarians, but for everybody! 


Are the dishes vegan?


Yes, they are :)



How many people does a meal serve?


The meals are about 400-470 grams each. It's one portion for one person.



Where do you deliver to?


We deliver our meals to any urban address in New Zealand (no rural). This can be your home or preferably your workplace where there will be someone to receive your package and put straight in the freezer. Commercial addresses will receive deliveries earlier than residential addresses.

Check if your address is urban or rural here


How do I know when I'm getting my meals delivered?


Delivery days are Tuesday & Thursday - cut off is the previous midday. You can choose your date of preference at checkout. Also, you will get a number to track your order online.  If you are getting your meals delivered to your home, don't forget to leave your chilly bin/bag outside for your meals if you are not there.

We highly recommend getting your meals delivered to a commercial address.


You can also pick up from Mount Maunganui, Tauranga. The location will be given upon ordering.


Once meals are delivered, they will not be refunded or replaced. All items purchased from V ON WHEELS are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

Can I subscribe?

At the moment we are not doing customers subscriptions.


Do I need to be at home to receive my meals? What if I'm out?


If you aren't at home, please leave your chilly bin/bag outside for your meals. You can message us instructions to place your parcel in a safe place until you are back.



How long do the meals last in the freezer?


Since we don't use preservatives, they can be kept up to three months in the freezer from the day you receive them. Please check once your delivery arrives, that all your meals are hard frozen.


Always remember to store your dishes in the freezer at -18°C. You can heat our dishes direct from frozen.



Can I refrigerate the meals?


Sure you can. Just ensure they are consumed within 4 days after refrigerating, to make sure you are enjoying the freshest. To reheat food: until it is steaming hot (at least 75°C for at least 6 seconds) in the coolest part (if a liquid) or the middle (if solid) and keep it above 60°C until it is used. Also, refrain from freezing any meals after putting them in the fridge.



How do I heat my meals from frozen?



  • Place the meal in the middle of the microwave. Both, the meal tray and film are microwave safe. Pierce the heat-proof film. 

  • Heat for approximately 3 minutes. Continue to heat and check on it in 2-minute intervals until the desired temperature is achieved.

  • Do not overheat the food.


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

  • Place the meal in the centre of the oven. Pierce the heat-proof film. 

  • Allow the meal to cook for 20 minutes and check. Continue to bake and check on it in 5-minute intervals until the desired temperature is achieved.

STOVE? Easy! Click here to watch a video


Tips: Let meal thaw in the fridge overnight.



Can I send these meals as a gift to someone else?


Of course! Perfect gift. Place an order, as usual, just make sure you change the delivery address to the gift recipient. Write a message to the seller with your specific request. We won't enclose invoices. 


Can I give feedback?


Please, do it. We are happy to get your feedback by email, text, Instagram or Facebook.











 If you are getting your meals delivered to your home, please, leave your

chilly bin/cooler/Esky

outside for your meals​​

We highly recommend getting the

meals delivered to a commercial address, like your workplace ;)


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